Friday, February 20, 2009

Action-paked Saturday

If you're a DWU sports fan, it doesn't get much better than Saturday's schedule.

The track team is in Lincoln, Neb., for the GPAC Championships. The wrestling team is in Hastings, Neb., for the NAIA North Regional. The baseball team is in Kansas taking on Bethany College and Peru State College. And there are also a couple of basketball games in Sioux Falls, in case you hadn't heard.

On top of that, our volleyball team and men's soccer team both just announced the start to their 2009-10 recruiting classes, and we have a new athletic director.

It's been a busy week to be a Tiger, and that continues on right through Saturday.

For previews of everything going on this weekend, check each team's individual sport page on the DWU Athletics Web Site. They should all be online by early evening.

Also, make sure to stay tuned to the Daily Republic's Tiger Zone Sports Blog throughout the weekend for news, previews, game stories and photos from DWU's action this weekend. All Tiger fans should have that URL either memorized or bookmarked.

If any baseball or softball fans, friends, parents or families are reading this, the Tiger team and individual pictures are now available for sale on the Inertia Sports Media site. Click here for baseball and here for softball. HERE is the link to Inertia's college sports photos site, where any DWU games they shot this year would be listed. This is another spot that DWU parents and fans should keep an eye on. They should be putting up a few of our basketball games soon.

I don't know about you, but I plan on being in Sioux Falls tomorrow to see our basketball teams close out the regular season. Both the women's and men's games have seeding implications for the GPAC tournament, and obviously the men can clinch a GPAC title, the No. 1 seed in the tournament and an automatic bid to nationals with a win over the Cougars.

The USF men are on a five-game slide, so it will be interesting to see how they approach this game. They lost at home to Mount Marty on Wednesday, so it would be easy to assume the wheels have completely come off, but I'd bet they'll be pretty excited to have a chance to beat DWU on the last day of the season with the GPAC title on the line, so expect USF to play better tomorrow than they have the last two weeks. Having said that, hopefully the Tigers play to their potential and earn their share of the championship, and let's hope Dordt can do us a favor and knock off Morningisde so the Tigers can have the title all to themselves.

For a breakdown of all the seeding implications for both the men and the women, and all the possible playoff scenarios, see their individual sport pages this evening for my official previews.

Good luck to all the Tiger teams this weekend in Sioux Falls, Lincoln, Hastings and Kansas, and safe travels to all the DWU fans and families that are hitting the road to cheer the Tigers on. Hopefully next week there will be a lot to celebrate at Dakota Wesleyan!

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