Friday, October 29, 2010

Basketball season is here!

Well, ready or not it's officially basketball season. I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the past two days trying to get everything ready. I had myself really worked up for awhile, but I think everything's under control. We'll find out in about two hours when the Dakota State/Graceland University game tips off at the Corn Palace!

This weekend, the DWU Fulton State Bank Classic will be the public's first look at the brand new DWU men's basketball team. I know I'm curious to see how things are going to go, and I work at the school! I haven't watched any practices yet, so tonight will be interesting, and telling.

Tonight will also answer questions that have been lingering since June when former coach John Hemenway announced his resignation. Will Shane Murphy be able to keep the Tigers at the level off success they've been at for the last few years? Will DWU be able to survive without Preston Broughton and Darrin Dorsey? And who are Larry Swann, Tristan Washington and German Madueno, and are they any good?

Madueno and Swann, along with Demetrius Davis, were the probable starters for tonight along with two very familiar faces -- Brady Wiebe and Chase Walder. I am curious to see what the team dynamic is like this year, and how everything is going to look. And also -- who's going to do the dunking now that both Broughton and Dorsey are gone?

One thing that sticks out to me about losing some very key players and having a group of unknowns is the 2008-09 season. That was the year that we lost Broughton before the season started, Colby Fitzgerald went down with a knee injury a few games in and every other player on the team got hurt at some point or another. Even that year, the Tigers made it to nationals, and experienced a great deal of success. We have enough returners this year, and talented newcomers, that as long as we stay healthy, hopefully we can retain the success that the program and its fans have become used to.

Off to the Palace for last minute preparations. Who ya rootin for?

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