Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A month in to the winter season

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is in just a few days. Stranger yet -- the 2010-11 basketball season is a month old already! Only four more months to go!

The Tigers opened Great Plains Athletic Conference play Saturday against Dordt College, and they play another league game tonight when they host Morningside College. The men's game against the Defenders was much closer than DWU would have liked, I would imagine, although it was good to see us get a win considering we were down by nine in the first half.

DWU played well on Saturday, but was never able to make that one big play that it needed to pull away and really seal the game. The game wasn't necessarily as close as the final score (84-80) indicated, but it was definitely closer than it should have been. One thing I'm noticing: Brady Wiebe needs to get the ball more early in the game. He still manages a double-double on a regular basis, but he doesn't get as many touches as he should in the first half. Dordt did a great job defending him to start, though.

Something to watch for tonight: Chase Walder is nine points away from 1,000 for his career. He's scored at least 20 points for the past few games, so that shouldn't be a problem for him. That will be an exciting moment.

The women played well against Dordt, but they have so many injuries right now you can tell they get tired pretty easily. I think it could be a bit of a different game if everyone was healthy and coach Christensen could sub when he wanted to/needed to. They're going through some growing pains, but I think there's plenty of potential.

Off to the Palace to set up for the game. Who ya rootin for?


Logan Anderson said...

What's your take on the DWU vs. M-side game?

Leah Rado said...

Logan -- I haven't even logged into this blog in a very long time, I am ashamed to admit, and just saw your comment. We just couldn't get anything going that game. That's been the case with all of our losses that I've watched -- we get behind early and then play not to lose. We tend to get frustrated, I think, when shots don't fall which creates problems elsewhere. Hopefully we've fixed that now since there are only a handful of regular-season games left. Can't wait to listen to your interview with coach Murphy!