Monday, February 21, 2011

My emcee debut

If you would have told me five years ago that I would have the opportunity to introduce Rollie Fingers and Sen. George McGovern at a baseball banquet, I would have had two reactions. First, I would be confused, because I would have had no idea who either were. Second, I would have laughed, because me, on stage, speaking in front of people? That just doesn't happen. *Didn't happen.

Well, it's funny how time changes things. I made me debut as an emcee Saturday night the the DWU baseball leadership banquet at the Sherman Center. I not only got to introduce Rollie and en. McGovern, I got to meet both men and chat with them beforehand. What an honor.

I'll admit, I had to google Fingers to find out why, exactly, he's so famous (besides the awesome mustache), but once I did, I was impressed. Listening to him talk was even more impressive. He played with Dick Greene and Catfish Hunter and all the baseball greats. He pitched in 16 World Series games and won three championships. He's met all the greats, and played with most of them. He changed the role of the relief pitcher forever.

Sen. McGovern, though more long winded than Rollie, was equally as impressive. He used to be friends with Fidel Castro. He was trying to work with Fidel to get the Yankees to play down in Cuba. He's traveled the world. He ran against Richard Nixon for president (and, as he pointed out, he's pretty sure even Nixon agrees it would have been better had McGovern won, given how that ended up). He went sky diving for his 88th birthday. He has so many stories it's incredible.

I was beyond nervous, because, well, I'm a writer for a reason, but it was fun. I had my speech all typed up and even threw a few funnies in there, and I think it went well. It was quite an experience, though, being on the same stage with men of such stature and such resumes. Something I will surely never forget.

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