Saturday, October 1, 2011

A 'W' is a 'W'...

Well... wow. I hate to be too hard on the guys on the day of a homecoming win but... we practically tried to give that game away to Hastings. Gift wrapped and tied with a pretty bow.

We dominated the first half. Dominated. Had 250-some odd yards of offense, moved the ball pretty freely, held them to 83 yards of offense. Their rushing game had negative yards at halftime, I'm pretty sure.

Then came the second half.

Then we looked like a team who couldn't do anything. We looked tired. We looked lost. We couldn't run. We couldn't throw. Protect the quarterback. We had 17 total yards of offense in the second half. Seven.Teen. Hastings had almost 200.

DWU had some big second-half plays. An interception, a fumble recovery. Jesse Holz had a HUGE pass breakup on 4th-and-7 on the DWU 6 in the final minutes of the game to give DWU the ball back. But it was seriously nerve-wracking to watch.

Give the Broncos credit; after that first half they didn't give up. It seemed like it woke their quarterback up, actually. And their defensive line was awesome; Bane was scrambling on every play, it seemed like. At one point, the Bronco D sacked Bane for a loss of 15 yards, back to the Tiger 4-yard line. Yikes.

A few people got a little banged up... Aaron Rolen went down, and Muilenburg had to be helped off after a big hit. Dordt next week, then we have to get ready for Morningside.

On a lighter note... DWU is 4-0 for the first time since joining the GPAC, and (I think) for the first time since its undefeated season in 1992. Let's see how long we can keep this going.
Who ya rootin' for?!

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