Thursday, March 11, 2010

Looking back a great win

So the monkey is off our backs, the cat is out of the bag or any other dumb saying you can think of. Regardless, DWU has a tournament win and is hopefully just getting started. Last night the Tigers played great in stretches and just OK in stretches - including a long field goal drought in each half - but they did enough to win pretty convicingly and were hopefully working out some of the nerves and getting acclimated to their surroundings. It was a great win, we had an oustanding crowd, and people will remember this win for a long time.

Here are some links with stories from last night:

CLICK HERE for the official DWU release

CLICK HERE for the Mitchell Daily Republic's story

CLICK HERE f0r the NAIA's story ('s a lot like mine!) and a good picture of Darrin Dorsey

CLICK HERE for the NAIA's Day One recap, featuring a photo of DWU's devoted fans

I'm heading to the gym now to watch former DWU coach Adam Tyhurst's Eastern Oregon team, then we have dinner at our sponsor - Catina Laredo (highly recommended if you're in Branson and like Mexican food). I'll check in later with a look ahead to Cornerstone and some pictures from last night's game. It sure feels Sweet to be in the Sweet 16.

Before I sign's yesterday's Observation of the Day from DWU A.D. Curt Hart...

"Wow, this is a nice campus. They even have a house for their geese!"

It's true, Ozarks has a pond on campus, with a little house on an island in the middle of the pond.

Finally, thanks to all our fans for the great support yesterday and for the great turnout at our reception at the hotel. There were around 100 Tiger fans in attendance, and it was a great way to kick off the tournament.

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