Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Morning Links

I'm hoping to check in with some details from baseball/softball's results from the weekend later today, as well as a look ahead to tomorrow's GPAC title game, but if you need some Tiger sports dialogue to cure that case of the Mondays here are some Monday Morning links for Tiger fans who want to read/interact about DWU basketball as much as humanly possible.

DWU TIGER FAN BLOG - A great look at Tiger basketball from a fan's perspective.

COLLEGE FANZ NAIA DII MEN'S BASKETBALL MESSAGE BOARD - Discussion board about all things NAIA DII Men's Basketball. This "Bracketology" post is one of the best on the board this time of year and a great look ahead to the National Tournament.

COLLEGE FANZ GPAC MEN'S BASKETBALL MESSAGE BOARD - Same as above, only specific to the GPAC. Fun place to see different fans' opinions from other schools and some good insight/analysis.

LA SPORTS RIOT BLOG/PODCAST - Great GPAC-related blog and podcast. Current posts are about the GPAC Men's/Women's Player-of-the-Year race and some great podcasts with GPAC Commish Corey Westra about the conference tournaments.

And, as always, stay tuned to the DWU ATHLETIC WEB SITE for all Tiger sports news, or follow us on TWITTER.

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Logan "Barry" Anderson said...

I appreciate the kind words about the LAsportsriot blog. I will link to you when I finally get my links page up and running. I will be contacting you soon to hopefully discuss first round tourney match ups with you or one of your coaches. Thanks again!

Logan Anderson